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Please pick one of the following four options to find what you need!

First, if you'd like to know what research I do, you can follow the links in the research section to one of three subject areas. My research focusses primarily on insect-plant interactions, and ranges from animal behaviour through to population genetics and phylogenetics.

  1. The biology of gallwasps (evolution, population genetics, community structure)
  2. Pollination ecology and bee physiology
  3. Ant-Acacia interactions

Second, if you're interested in some general information on oak gall biology, head for the biology section.

Third, if you'd like information on potential Ph.D. projects in my group, please follow this link to Find a PhD.com or contact me.

and Finally, if you would like to go straight to downloads some of my� papers, try the publications section.


Institute of Cell, Animal and Population Biology 
The Kings Buildings, 
West Mains Road, 
Edinburgh EH9 3JT 
United Kingdom

  • email graham.stone@ed.ac.uk
  • office 0131 650 7194
  • lab 0131 650 7356
  • fax 0131 650 6564